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When Words Aren't Enough

Reading After Loss



Writing After Loss



Creating After Loss

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Journal With Bible Verses and Quotes

Have you suppressed the emotions of your pregnancy loss?
 Are you an introvert who considers “talking it out” an impossible approach to your grief?

Journaling is an underutilized resource for coping with miscarriage. I had a million thoughts circling my mind after my loss, and I didn’t know how to approach my grief. I was afraid to “talk it out” because I didn’t even know where to start.

When I found the courage to pick up a journal and write, I confronted the memories I was avoiding and finally articulated my experience in a constructive way.

This lined journal is full of hand-selected bible verses and quotes that will help you take healthy steps in confronting your grief. After back-to-back miscarriages, I knew my mental health was in decline. Like so many other women, I had an increase in anger and anxiety.

It was uncomfortable to write initially, as I wasn’t sure if I was any good at it. I want women to know it’s not the quality of the writing or your skill that matters. It’s the actual habit of writing that contributes to our recovery. Writing is a time investment, but it’s also an investment in oneself. If you are ready to move forward and confront your emotions, allow this journal to help get you there.



Grief Coloring Book With Prayer Prompts

Can coloring help you navigate loss?

Grief counselor Dr. Derman, The New York Times, and other credible sources all believe coloring is a form of recovery. Coloring helps one to express emotions that are difficult to put into words. Coloring enables one to be more relaxed and focused and has been proven to have profound effects on a person’s physical and psychological well-being.

An outlined coloring structure, like the designs found in this grief coloring book, helps one contain and organize feelings of distress and helplessness.

This coloring book is a collection of nature images found and recreated by My Miscarriage author, Traci McCombs. The pages include a variety of God’s creation; flowers, root vegetables, and perennial plants that you can make your own with crayons, colored pencils, paint, or markers. A great way to reduce anxiety and improve mindfulness. As a bonus feature, enjoy three whimsical pages, a nice surprise at the end by Christian artist Alyssa Ray.

​Each image has been carefully selected and paired with a special verse - created specifically to encourage and uplift those who have experienced infertility, miscarriage, or loss.

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