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Do you feel lost and alone after a pregnancy loss?

Are you afraid if people knew the extent of your emotional trauma, they would consider you broken and weak?

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This book, My Miscarriage: And Other Uninvited Events, is a beautifully written book that authentically describes a journey and a struggle to achieve motherhood against many odds. Traci's voice is strong and compelling as she traces her life as a high school and college athlete, meeting her military husband, and how a charmed life went south in a hurry with many health and reproductive issues amid deep family heartache at the same time. Not many writers are as willing to be as absolutely honest and self revealing as Traci, and this honesty frankly carries the book. She interweaves the stories of other women into her own narrative, creating an incredible sense of community and support throughout the book. Traci's book sustains a clear-eyed, often struggling, often questioning, but ultimately steadfast Christian perspective without ever descending into triteness or rote prescriptions of faith. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those struggling with reproductive issues. However, it is a very interesting read for anyone!


My wife and I picked this book and glad we did. The book is well crafted, thought provoking and paryerfully guided. Traci shares her vulnerability but also the truth of her own miscarriage journey which makes you feel like you are not alone when you are hurting deeply and have unanswered questions.
The quotes beginning each chapter set the tone for what follows as you travel with her in this book.

I highly recommend this book for individuals and groups who are yearning for authentic connection and reading.

In this memoir, Traci opens her heart and soul and invites you into her life. Traci is able to paint a picture with her words, making you feel like you are there, experiencing life with her; that you are perhaps the friend she is confiding everything to. You will laugh out loud and you will cry; your heart will hurt and ultimately you’ll share in the hope and peace she finds.

Anyone (regardless of gender) will benefit from reading My Miscarriage: And Other Uninvited Events. Both women who have experienced pregnancy loss, and those like me, who have never even been pregnant will gain incredible insights for their own life. Partners, spouses, and friends will witness incredible examples of what support looks like. Having been the close friend on several occasions of someone sharing their miscarriage with me, I know the empty, hopeless feeling that nothing I say can make things better. Chances are, at some point in your life, you will be comforting someone with pregnancy loss and after reading this book, you’ll have the empathy and understanding to support your friend. If you have experienced loss, this book lets you know you are not alone; and there is much to be grateful and hopeful for.

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Traci's book My Miscarriage will definitely encourage women who are struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss. Too often, as women facing these difficult situations, we keep our grief a secret, which can end up increasing our heartache and making us feel isolated. Readers will be assured that they are not alone in their struggles. Traci chronicles her experience with infertility and miscarriages, intertwining her story with the reproductive challenges that her friends and family members were also going through. I recommend this book to any woman facing infertility or loss.

Betsy Herman, Author of Beauty in Barren Places

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